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one. (Cricket) cricket either of two small picket bars placed across the tops of your stumps to variety the wicket

1. (Law) a sum of cash by which someone is bound to just take accountability for the looks in court docket of Yet another man or woman or himself or herself, forfeited if the individual fails to appear

On November 24, 2008, American Republican Congressman Ron Paul (R–TX) wrote, "In bailing out failing providers, They can be confiscating revenue from effective users of your economic system and giving it to failing types. By sustaining businesses with out of date or unsustainable company styles, The federal government prevents their assets from currently being liquidated and made available to other providers that can put them to better, far more effective use. A necessary factor of a healthful absolutely free current market, is usually that both equally good results and failure must be permitted to occur when they are attained.

1. to get rid of drinking water from the bottom of a boat by dipping or scooping. Tom should bail the boat out right before we get in. You ought to always bail out a boat prior to making use of it.

a sum of money which can be offered into a court of regulation to get an untried prisoner from prison right up until some time of his trial, and which functions as safety for his return. bail of $five hundred. borgtog كَفالَه гаранция fiança (soudní) kauce die Kaution kaution εγγύησηfianza kautsjon وثیقه takuumaksu caution לְשַׁחרֵר בְּעַרבוּת जमानत, प्रतिभूति jamčevina óvadék uang jaminan trygging cauzione 保釈金 보석금 užstatas galvojums; drošības nauda ikat jamin borgkausjon; løslatelse mot kausjonkaucja ضامن، ضمانت، په ضمانت خلاصول، په ضمانت خو شې كول، دسلو اغې لاستي چه كوږ يا د كړۍ په شان وې fiança cauţiune залог kaucia jamščina kaucija borgen ค่าประกันตัว kefalet, kefalet ücreti 保釋金 порука ضمانت tiền bảo lãnh 保释金

clear away, consider away, withdraw, consider - take away some thing concrete, as by lifting, pushing, or getting off, or take away one thing abstract; "remove a threat"; "clear away a wrapper"; "Get rid of the dirty dishes from your table"; "go ahead and take gun from the pocket"; "This equipment withdraws heat within the setting"

A Distinctive authorities entity is produced to administer the program, such as the Resolution Have confidence in Corporation.

But in its place having a bailout, the rewards are reversed – the proceeds from productive entities are presented to failing kinds. How This really is purported to be fantastic for our economy is beyond me.... It gained’t operate. It could’t work.... It is apparent to most Americans that we need to reject company cronyism, and allow the organic rules and incentives in the cost-free sector to select the click here winners and losers inside our economic system, not the whims of bureaucrats and politicians."[42]

one n (Jur) → Kaution f, → Sicherheitsleistung file (variety); to go or stand or set up bail for any person → fileür jdn (die) Kaution stellen or leisten; to grant/refuse bail → die Freilassung gegen Kaution bewilligen/verweigern; he was refused bail → sein Antrag auf Freilassung gegen Kaution wurde abgelehnt; for being (out) on bail → gegen Kaution freigelassen sein; to Enable someone out on bail → jdn gegen Kaution freilassen

If taking over an institution due to insolvency, acquire efficient Command in the board or new management, terminate the common inventory fairness (existing shareholders reduce their financial investment) but guard the debt holders and suppliers.

In any situation, U.S. laws only relates to domestic organisations. Title II is geared toward safeguarding the financial security from the American overall economy, forcing shareholders and creditors to bear the losses on the failed financial company, "eliminating management which was chargeable for the monetary problem of the corporate", and making sure that payout to claimants is at the least up to the claimants would have acquired underneath a personal bankruptcy liquidation.[sixteen] Claims are compensated in the next order:[sixteen]

3. To get rid of drinking water from an unwelcome location, typically through the use of a bucket. Even though most commonly associated with emptying h2o from a ship, this phrase can be used in almost any circumstance exactly where h2o has amassed and should be removed.

three. (Agriculture) Austral and NZ a framework inside of a cowshed used to secure the head of a cow throughout milking

the technique allowing launch of anyone from custody exactly where these stability has been takenhe was launched on bail

2009 - Bank of The united states to help you it take in known losses that were Substantially bigger than exposed to shareholders incurred by its buyout of Merrill Lynch

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